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‘Imperfect notes on an imperfect world’ is an open notebook for sharing the writings of Christopher Hobson, whose thought draws on politics, ethics, sociology and related fields. He is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University, but is based in Japan, where he also holds visiting positions at Ritsumeikan University and Keio University. For more information, visit his homepage.

Entries of ‘imperfect notes’ are a mixture of finished essays and more incomplete sketches, paired with pictures from ‘Sky patterns’, an original series of images composed by Hobson. The aim of the Substack is to share in the process of trying to make sense of a complex and changing world, the wager is that it is worthwhile to do so incrementally and publicly.

Humans are wonderfully incomplete, and a world made up of, and by, people will be similarly incomplete and imperfect. Each of us are constantly trying to find our way, figuring out what to do and what to be, and doing so in conditions and contexts beyond our control. This is what these notes seek to think through: what it means to be part of, contribute to, and act in this imperfect world.

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Japan-based scholar and writer Christopher Hobson reflecting on a world of crisis and change.


Christopher Hobson is a Japan-based scholar and writer, whose work draws on politics, history, ethics and related fields to try to better understand the world.